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Amberhound Reusable

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Reusable products to help cut down on your waste and plastic

The coffee filters, coffee bags and tea bags are all made from unbleached muslin. Use these products just as you would their every day counterparts. They have been pre-washed but I would suggest washing in boiling water before the FIRST use ONLY then rinsing after each use without washing powder (that flowery soapy smell will give your drink a weird taste!).

Tea bags and beeswax wraps come in a two pack; the coffee filters are sold singly as are the brewing bags.

Many people are trying to cut down on their cling film/bags and tin foil use. Beeswax wraps can help make the transition to a no plastic kitchen a little bit easier. They have multiple uses from wrapping sandwiches for lunch (you can do wrap-ogami and make little pouches!) to covering cheese products or veggies. Sadly, they aren't a complete replacement - they cannot be used with hot products or raw meat but its a great start.

All products will come with a recylable care card to help you get started.